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Book Recommendations
Seven Days that Divide the World, by John C. Lennox
The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin (Should be read by every American)
Beyond Calvinism and Arminianism, by C. Gordon Olson
The Dark Side of Calvinism, the Calvinist Caste System, by George Bryson
The Seven Faith Tribes, by George Barna
The Sword of the Prophet: Islam; History, Theology, Impact on the World, by Serge Trifkovic
Yeshua, a Guide to the Real Jesus and the Original Church, by Ron Mosley
The Literary Structure of the Old Testament, by David A. Dorsey
The Literary Development of John 13-17, a Chiastic Reading, by Wayne Brouwer
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In Jerusalem, a site that is loaded with information  
Dr. Olson's site, where his book and related documents are available.
Roy Hertzog's site, where his book and related studies are available.
DVD Recommendations
The Exodus Revealed, Discovery Media Prod.

Unlocking The Mystery of LIfe
The Privileged Planet, by Illustra Media
David Barton, American History
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The Other Side of Calvinism, by Laurance Vance

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